Welcome letter from our Principals

Welcome letter from the Principal

Thank you for considering Immanuel Lutheran School for your child’s education.  We appreciate the importance of the decision that you are making. By considering Immanuel, you are demonstrating your desire for a quality education for your child, an investment that will reap great benefits as your child matures.

Immanuel Lutheran School was founded in 1980 as a ministry of Immanuel Lutheran Church.  We strive for academic excellence through a strong partnership of home, school and church.  Immanuel Lutheran School is accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA).  This accreditation is recognized by the Florida Department of Education.  Every five years ILS conducts a thorough self-study based on accreditation standards.   This extensive self-study, completed by  teachers, Board members and parents covers all areas of our program from campus safety to fulfillment of curriculum goals.  Following the thorough self-study, goals, objectives and strategies are developed with a timeline for completion of each strategy.  Annual progress is reported each year to the Florida-Georgia District of the LCMS accreditation committee which reports to the national accrediting agency.

ILS offers a Christ-centered learning environment with a strong emphasis on academics. Our small class sizes of about fifteen to twenty students in each class enables our teachers to nurture students individually while at the same time challenging each student to reach full potential. With classes spanning Preschool through Eighth Grade, the faculty works closely with parents and each other to create a program that meets the needs of all the students. We believe in educating the whole child: the social, emotional, physical, academic, and spiritual needs of each individual student.

You are always welcome to make an appointment to visit our campus and get to know us better while making this important decision regarding the education of your child. You can reach us through the school office (685-1978) or via email. If you would like to visit with a parent of a graduate who has experienced the Immanuel Lutheran School Family, please let us know.

May God continue to bless you and your family as you trust in Him.


Tim Moore, Co-Principal 

Bonne Faherty, Co-Principal 

Our Principals

Tim Moore - 5th grade, Co-Principal 4th-8th Grades

Education: Bachelor Degree Elementary Education Lutheran Teacher’s Diploma

    The most important thing in my class is that we are all Sinners.  We should not point our fingers at others without taking care of our sins first.  Secondly, God has given to each of us a way to salvation.  That way is through Jesus Christ blood, His work, His Words, not mine.  The words I speak in class about Jesus will not get me to Heaven, but the Righteousness of God given to each of us as a Free Gift is Salvation. 

    In my class I want my students to try, if they make a mistake to learn from this mistake.  Then learn how to do it correctly for the test.  I believe that all children are smart, it is helping those children who do not think they are smart to see they can be successful with their school work.  I am old school and have taught for over 18 years.  I want to be sure the students have their multiplication facts down.  This is the base in which all math comes from.  Students are expected to learn how to think and not what to think.  I have my opinion about many things and I am not always right.  But we can find the answer if we do a little work and search all avenues to find the truth.  

Favorite Verse:

Bonne Faherty

Principal Prek-3rd grades